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Spring 2008 Contents

•CSI President Morales Gets Pay Raise, CSI Students May Pay More

•CUNY Chancellor Raises SAT Math Admission Scores to CSI & CUNY

•Look Who USED To Teach at CSI!

•Mayor Bloomberg’s Budget Cuts CUNY

•CUNY Trustee Randy Mastro Dropped

•Is CUNY Going Green?


•American Apartheid

•Phony Soldiers?

•Comrade X: The Fourth Estate & Revolution

•Rush Limbaugh for OxyContin

•CSI Peace Week

•Iraq War Index

•What's the #1 cause of global warming?




•Love Poem

•Tainted Love

•a poem

•Sin Is Only Skin Deep


•A Weeknight Out on the Town for Booze & Brains


•CSI Peace Week

•Look Who USED To Teach at CSI!

•Dark Prague


•a poem

•What's the #1 cause of global warming?



•Letters to the Editors

•Submit or Die!

•Third Rail Bullpen

•Join Third Rail

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Sin Is Only Skin Deep
By Sheldon J. Bourne

Who am I? • No…wait nigga…who the hell are you? • Yes, I am gay, and I know the Bible say it’s a sin • But again, who the hell are you? • Who are you to throw down those stones at my pretty feet? • Who gave you the right to label me something that I am not. • Who the hell are you to aim for my jugular with the ragged rusty sharp end of you cutlass of harsh brutal and derogatory words? ••• Faggot, sissy-boy, maricon, batti-rider, anitiman…the list goes on and on. But who the hell are you to give me such names? ••• As far as I know, I only got two motha-fuckin parents, and to further benefit from them, they gave me my name in which none of those that you just jeered behind my back. ••• My name is Sheldon JaVaughn Bourne, and I answer to NO other name. • Furthermore, I don’t answer to no one on earthly plane. • Y’all don’t hold my fate and outline my destiny. • Y’all haven’t walked a quart of a mile in my size 10 and a half’s. ••• You know what I find funny? • Whenever people talk about homosexuality, and they cross reference the Bible, they can never tell me the exact scripture where it says GOD DON’T LOVE GAYS. • I live my life for me, and for me alone, and in doing so, I make sure that the same God that you use to crucify me walks by my side. ••• See you’all don’t know Him like I know Him. • You think you do, but you really don’t. • Y’all run around here no better than me casting, and throwing stones. • But there’s a light shining in me. • You don’t ever see me down and longing for earthly treasure. • Why? • Shit…the answer’s pretty simple. • I don’t need all that. • I got my Jesus, and he’s my lighthouse through the storm. ••• How many of y’all prosecutors and persecutors can say that. • Y’all so busy persecuting people’s souls that most of you don’t see the light till it’s gone. • Shit…some of you are even to ashamed to shine it; yet, you’re the first one to quote scripture, or at least your opinionated version of it. ••• I am not ashamed of who I am. I used to be, but not anymore. • Why should I be? It’s a sin, and abomination. • Get over it; don’t remind me, I already know that. • We’re all born in sin, and none of us are perfect. ••• Worry about your own Goddamned self. • My salvation doesn’t lie in your hands, and my eternity is an agreement between my Jesus, my God, and me. ••• So again…Who am I? • No…who the hell are you? • I’ll tell you what you are based on truth. • You’re just an ignorant asshole with an opinion. • The same opinion you use to crucify me to make yourself seem more holy and just. • A perpetrator just living the “good life”. ••• Yeah, I am talking about you. • Justice, love, and holiness are not prizes you win after a competition. • Those things are unconditional and righteous. • I am no better off than you, and neither are you better off than me in my God’s omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent eyes. • I am an individual with my individual sin, wants, needs and desires. ••• So take your weak ass somewhere else. • Don’t continue to piss me off. • I’ve had enough of people picking at my loose and open scars. • With this one poem, I have planted a seed, taught a moral, and dismissed you all at once. • Now go and think of what I just said, while I continue to learn all the tales and stories of my closed up wounds. • But before I go…just one thing I thought that I should let you know… • My sis is only earthly bound and skin deep • But my spirit and soul are intertwined and last forever.


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