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Students Question Queen Springer

Hoping to convince Queen Marlene to reverse her decision not to grant tenure to Professor Clark, a group of students recently met with Springer. At the meeting students asked the Queen if she felt her decision-making capabilities exceeded the collective judgement of the faculty who compose the Personnel & Budget Committee. Queen Springer responded that she doesn’t believe her judgment is superior to the faculty’s. Students then queried how she could overrule the faculty’s democratic decision to grant tenure to Professor Clark. At first, the Queen refused to respond to her low subjects (students), but when pressed, the Queen commanded, “I have been given the responsibility to determine who should be granted tenure by the trustees of the City University of New York.” One student replied, “So could you explain what exactly the criteria is in determining tenure.” Angered by the question, the Queen bellowed, “I’m not discussing this with students!” After failing to be swayed, the students continued their questions. “Exactly what expertise in philosophy do you possess— that led you to overrule the democratic decision of philosophy professors to grant Clark tenure?” one student asked. The Queen admitted, “I have as much expertise in philosophy as I do in chemistry and physics, which is very little or next to nothing.” The student replied, “If that is the case, then how can you make a determination that Professor Clark’s teaching abilities are not suitable for the philosophy program? How can you overrule the expertise of the professors in the philosophy program who are experts in philosophy?” Springer refused to respond to the question.

“I think its horrible because she [Springer] shouldn’t have a say over who has tenure. It should be democratically decided by faculty with input from students. And even if she has such dictatorial power, she shouldn’t use it to overrule academic departments and faculty,” exclaimed Kelly Reinhart, a graduating psychology senior.



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