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   Cover Story

College of Staten Island 2005
Commencement Address

You've heard about the "controversial" speech given by famed anthor, Erica Jong. Condemed by the radical right, booed by parents and students, now judge the speech for yourself . . . a Third Rail exclusive! ...READ SPEECH

   Political Discourse

CUNY, Iraq & Free Speech
by Neil Schuldiner

With at least four City University of New York (CUNY) students killed in Iraq, including one from the College of Staten Island (CSI), students across the university initiated a campaign targeting military recruitment more


Editorial: Pledge of Allegiance
by P. Melissa Fisher

As much as I love America, and I feel that I love this nation far more that those who feel compelled to cover their homes and bodies with the stars and more

Critical Mass
by Kara Donnelly

Ask anyone to name a part of the First Amendment and chances are there are going to more

Do you approve of gay marriage and why? more
Join the Fight!
Organizations protecting the rights of journalists and citizens more

Two Words
by Jack Freedman poem
Spontaneous Me
by Walt Whitman poem
A Vocabulary Lesson
by E.L.S. Sbordone poem
A Starbucks Soliloquy
by Hannah Jean poem
   Cultural Discourse

Faulkner Under Fire!
by Shawn Fisher

When writer Sam Apple submitted his entry into the annual Faux Faulkner contest he probably wasn’t expecting to win and he certainly wasn’t expecting all the controversy stirred up by his winning piece entitled “The Administration and the more


The Administration and the Fury
By Sam Apple

Down the hall, under the chandelier, I could see them talking. They were walking toward me and Dick ‘s face was white, and he more

Animal’s Genitalia Will Ruin America
by TJ Riley

I was sitting on a park bench, eating a turkey sandwich on rye, and was, generally, in a good mood. A father and son were playing catch in a nearby field, while the mother and daughter were preparing for a picnic by a tree, which was approximately five feet away from more

The Miseducation of Kara Donnelly
Part II of a series

Kara Donnelly is a second-year student at the College of Staten Island. She is an open lesbian who is active with NYPIRG and has recently joined the staff of Third Rail more


Air America
Reviewed by Shawn Fisher

After the blitzkrieg, after the tanks rolled in, after the allies were pushed back into the sea, when silence and terror occupied the land a lone voice in the darkness could be more

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
Reviewed by Shawn Fisher

Who could have expected that when a young Penn Fraser Jillette, a jack of all trades entertainer happened upon a young Latin teacher named Raymond Joseph Teller back in the mid 1970’s, that they would become not only such a popular entertainment duo with their comedic magic routine, more

An Open Letter to Tom Cruise

Dear Tom Cruise,
Recently I have been troubled by your remarks on mental health. This includes, but is not limited to the disparaging comments towards Brooke Shields and Matt more

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1st Amendment more
Barcelona, Gaudi Style more
Fascism Fears Books more
Distorting Reality more
Dead Liberals more
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Letters to the Editors more
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