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poetry by Rachel Richards
photography by Anthony Gargiso

there is a little green ball of fire
that lives inside me
she is the most beautiful thing
i have ever seen
she reinvents beauty.
i wish to provoke her to erupt
and watch her molten venus -lava
seep out of my cracks
covering me in her magnificence
smothering me with pulchritude
masking this shell with loveliness
wonders of wonders!
just as the earth is
unpredictable with its
merciless threats,
so also is she.
she stirs for no one
all i can do
is wait.

by Rachel Richards

upon the sea edge,
walking into foam and shells,
my lungs gulp down air thick with salt
with every wave, my toes sink deeper
into the earth.
If I stand here long enough i will soon
become one with the water
at 23 I still cannot tell where the
sea ends and the sky begins



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