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Comment on Film
by Boris Koyfman

*** 1/2
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Audrey Tatou, Mathieu Kassovitz

Amelie is an adorable, inventive romantic comedy from the visionary French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (City of the Lost Children, Delicatessan). Audrey Tatou stars as Amelie, a pretty waif in need of of some t.l.c.. Ever since she was a child, she has been seeking affection from her physician father. The only time he would touch Amelie was during her physicals. She would get so excited that her heart would pound, prompting daddy to believe his daughter had cardiovascular problems.

Now she's 20, working in a little french cafe, still searching for love. Amelie wants a boyfriend. Wants one bad. Eureka! She develops a plan to help the people around her in order to find happiness for herself. That's what makes Amelie such an endearing character. She helps a lovelorn stalker find love. She brings entertainment to a cranky old man. Amelie also stumbles upon a boy; Nino, a lonely guy working in a porno shop. This could be the one! Amelie playfully flirts and plays mysterious games in order to gain his affection. And how could he resist?

Jeunet creates an imaginary Paris where suffering is non-existent and life is a fantasy. Who cares? Amelie is too cute and imaginative for you to notice. Go see this movie with your significant other. This is one of the best date movies of the year.



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